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Home Additions and Renovations Solutions
Home Additions and RenovationsResidents of the Greater Toronto Area looking to engage in some home additions and re-designs will find it beneficial to contract an experienced home renovation consulting company such as CP Designs conveniently located for all GTA residents alike. Taking on a home renovation project can be overwhelming as a homeowner with no relevant experience or knowledge of the renovation and construction industry. You are bound to run into a number of challenges and difficult situations that can easily make your home renovation dream a nightmare in more ways than one. Your errors in judgement and your lack of experience with home additions and renovations will more than likely result in a unnecessary amount of stress brought on by a series of set backs and complications and not to mention the quadrupling of your costs surpassing any budget you may have originally set for yourself. This is why hiring CP Designs is the soundest decision you can make to ensure that your home additions are carried out both professionally and stress-free.
Home Addition Design Done Right
CP Design's home addition insight and experience is invaluable for the scope of any home renovation project you may have in mind. Not only will you be saving yourself time and money you'll also be retaining peace of mind in knowing that your home is in trusted hands where all aspects of the renovation process are guaranteed from planning to implementation to contractors and supplies. Every aspect can and will be to your satisfaction upon completion. CP Designs will consult with you the homeowner to ensure all of your requirements are incorporated into the re-design plan taking into account the budget you have set for the project as well as other external factors that will need to be considered as well. Not only will we supervise the whole process but we will keep you as the homeowner in the loop as to the progression of the project addressing all of your concerns as they come up. After all an addition is probably one of the biggest tasks a homeowner can undertake so it stands to reason that they expect quality end results that fit the nature of the investment.
It's what we do
CP Design's offers all GTA homeowners looking for home additions a complete range of design and build options that are safe, effective and efficient. The home owner is given the freedom to go on about the rest of their lives without the need to devote much of their time to this task instead allowing them to focus on the other aspects of their lives that require their full attention. Visit our website for more information or give us a call at (416)200-0668 if you wish to speak to one of our representatives immediately about contracting us for your next home addition project.

The following are satisfied clients with whom I have worked closely. Testimonials are available on demand.
Bathroom repair - Kingsway
Complete home renovation - The Manor
Coach house renovation / children’s bedrooms – Kilbride
Bathroom renovation / finishes - Kilbride
Kitchen renovation - Caledon
Kitchen renovation - Richmond Hill
Kitchen renovation / complete condo - Etobicoke
Complete condo renovation – Yorkville
Complete basement renovation – Annex
Kitchen renovation / bedroom / window treatments - Etobicoke
Bathroom - Etobicoke
Condo renovation - Palace Place
Kitchen renovation - Brampton
Condo renovation - St Lawrence Market
Basement renovation / custom pool room - Etobicoke
Master bedroom / children’s bedroom - Avenue Road
Bathroom / basement renovation - Bayview
Finishes / furniture - Kingsway
Fogolars Country Club: ball room renovation / bar / custom ceiling - Oakville
Machine-a-Matic: men’s & women’s bathrooms - Newmarket
Micro-Pigmentation Centre / Times-2 Filing:  showroom / kitchen renovation - Mississauga
Starlake Homes: 4 custom built homes - Beaches